Spray Paint Stencil Service in Gladstone

Spray paint using a stencil is a great way to hide unsightly concrete and upgrade floor areas in a commercial or residential area.

In addition to regular spray paint stencil services, Designer-Crete Flooring can provide strikingly attractive abstract designs which add a modern ambiance to complement other structural elements.

If you’re looking for a professional spray paint stencil company in and around Gladstone, we’re here to help. At Designer-Crete, we can provide you with a spray paint stencil service that visually enhances your property and increases property value.

What are the Most Common Spray Paint Stencil Applications?

Spray paint stencil has several applications.

Some of these include:

  • Car Parks
  • Safety Marking in loading zones and other places
  • Industrial areas
  • Residential locations

Why Choose Designer-Crete For Spray Paint Stencil Marking Services?

We are a local company headed by Josh Richardson, who has over twenty years of flooring industry experience. Born and raised in Central Queensland, Josh is considered to be the leading expert in the flooring services industry in the region, including Gladstone.

We are committed to providing the highest quality spray paint stencil marking services that comply with all safety regulations.

We are firm believers that everyone’s needs are different and take the time to understand what you are looking for.

The individual consultations we offer are obligation-free and so we can help you with a custom-designed solution for your residential or commercial dwelling.

Spray Paint Stencil Marking Process

While spray paint stencil marking may appear a simple and straightforward process, there are some simple guidelines to be followed:

The concrete floor needs to be cleaned of dirt, dust and grease. Surrounding areas should be taped and the concrete floor is painted with a roller.

A measuring tape is used to find the centre of the floor and a straight line is traced from the centre of the room to the front using a chalk line.

Placing the stencil on the front centre of the floor with the help of the chalk line. The stencil should be secured to the floor with tape.

The stencil brush is loaded with paint and using a firm swirling motion, different areas of the stencil are painted. The stencil is removed from its first position and the process repeated on the next position using the same colour of paint. The surface is then left to dry.

If any paint builds up on the stencil, a lift-off spray can be used. The stencil can be placed in a plastic bag overnight and cleaned with a scrub brush before use the next day.

A coat of lacquer is applied to protect the floor and the surface is left to dry overnight.

Are You Looking For a Professional Spray Paint Stencil Service Near You?

Are you looking for a professional spray paint stencil service provider you can trust in Gladstone? At Designer-Crete, we understand the importance clients place on a quality job completed in time and within the agreed cost.

It’s what we are committed to providing. We use quality products, turn up to your Gladstone premises on time and complete the task with minimum disruption. We also keep you informed of the progress of the job, so you are always kept in the loop.

Once we scope the job, we provide you with an all-inclusive quote, so you never have to worry about cost overruns. If you require any changes to the scope of work, the cost will be worked out and we will only proceed with the work after your formal approval.

When you need a spray paint stencil service provider in and around Gladstone, our professional team can help! At Designer-Crete, we can handle all requirements for your home or place of business.

If you are looking for a qualified and professional spray paint stencil provider in Gladstone, make sure to give Designer-Crete a call on  0410884804 or get in touch for a free online quote.

Proudly Serving Gladstone

Gladstone is 517 km north-west of Brisbane and 108 km south-east of Rockhampton.The Port of Gladstone is Queensland’s largest shipping port,  

The north and south of Gladstone are connected by three bridges, one for the trains and the two others for pedestrians and vehicles. 

The city is governed by the Gladstone Regional Council. The Gladstone Region itself was formed by amalgamating three former local government areas in 2008.

Gladstone experiences a subtropical humid climate with maximum temperatures of around 42 degrees.

The Port of Gladstone,  with its many terminal facilities, is the world’s fourth largest coal exporting port in the world and Australia’s fifth largest commodity port.

Gladstone has a number of primary and secondary schools which include

Gladstone Central State School, Gladstone West State School, Gladstone South State School, Clinton State School, Kin Kora State School and others.

The city has traditionally supported a thriving seafood industry and is a tourism destination, paying host to cruise ships that dock regularly at the port.