Seamless Flooring Service in Yeppoon

A professionally installed seamless floor, unlike a traditional floor, not only looks elegant but makes a space look larger and easy to clean.

If you’re looking for a professional seamless flooring services company in and around Yeppoon, we’re here to help. At Designer-Crete, we can provide you with different decorative coatings such as resin, ceramic, porcelain and concrete.

What Advantages Does Seamless Flooring Have Over Others?

Seamless flooring has many advantages that make them a superior choice compared to other flooring options.

Here are some of the benefits of seamless flooring:

  • Gives Floors a Fluid Appearance – Since there are no joints, the floor looks fluid and expansive, instead of a grid-like caged look.
  • Makes Rooms Look Spacious – Seamless flooring makes smaller rooms appear larger and give them a modern look.
  • Sense of Continuity – Seamless flooring adds a sense of continuity between an indoor and outdoor space when applied to both surfaces.
  • Long Lasting – With special treatment, seamless flooring minimises the impact of foot traffic, chemical agents, water penetration and UV rays. This makes them long-lasting

Why Choose Designer-Crete For Seamless Flooring Services?

We are a local company headed by Josh Richardson, who has over twenty years of flooring industry experience. Born and raised in Central Queensland, Josh is considered to be the leading expert in the flooring services industry in the region, including Yeppoon.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service and will do everything we can to lay seamless flooring that enhances the look of your dwelling.

Designer-Crete uses industry leading products and equipment for producing superior finishes to traditional flooring options such as carpets, tiles timber and laminates.

We are firm believers that everyone’s needs are different and take the time to understand what you are looking for.

The individual consultations we offer are obligation-free and so we can help you with a custom-designed solution that turns your vision of the floor you wanted into reality.

Seamless Flooring Process

Proper preparation, using the right tools, quality products and hiring experts is the key to laying beautiful looking seamless flooring.


The top layer is first taken off the slab using a grinder which has a dust extraction system.

This step removes impurities such as residues, dirt, paint, oil and grease absorbed in the floor’s surface over time. New slabs also need to be cleaned, as they may have accumulated dirt when in storage.

Any remaining dust or dirt is vacuumed so that the slab is smooth and clean and prepared for the application process.

Prime Coat Application 

At Designer-Crete, we use a two-pack epoxy coating which is followed by coloured flake.

The products are carefully mixed to ensure an accurate mix. The prime coat is cut in using a paint brush and applied using a 10-12mm nap roller. Working in sections, total coverage is ensured. This ensures a uniform surface coverage and an efficient use of the product. 

Base Coat Application

Once the prime coat has been applied, the floor is allowed to rest for 24 hours so the slab can react to the prime coat and also show any problems which are in the slab.

The prime coat also needs to be dry and have no patchiness so that the base coat can be uniformly applied. A sufficient amount of base coat is prepared for cutting in. This enables enough working time before the mixture can go off. After the cutting-in has been completed, the remaining base coat is applied generously for ensuring total coverage. 


The flake is applied to the first section before the base coat is applied to the next section. The flake is distributed by tossing handfuls of it in the air and allowing it to fall directly onto the coating.

The process is repeated until the floor is fully covered with flake. A roller is used over the flake to settle it evenly and stick properly to the base coat.


The floor sealing occurs 24 hrs after applying the flake and the floor is dry. To prepare the floor for sealing the flake is knocked down with a trowel to obtain a smooth finish. The floor then needs to be vacuumed to ensure no loose flakes are present and the sealer goes on cleanly.

The sealer is prepared and rolling in the floor, systematically covering the entire area.

 Top Coat Application

The top coat around 5 hrs after application of the first sealer coat. Once completed, you will have beautiful looking seamless flooring which will last for years.

Are You Looking For a Professional Service Near You to Lay Seamless Flooring?

Are you looking for a seamless flooring provider you can trust in Yeppoon? At Designer- Crete, we understand the importance clients place on a quality job completed in time and within the agreed cost.

It’s what we are committed to providing. We use quality products, turn up to your Yeppoon premises on time and complete the task with minimum disruption. We also keep you informed of the progress of the job, so you are always kept in the loop.

Once we scope the job, we provide you with an all-inclusive quote, so you never have to worry about cost overruns. If you require any changes to the scope of work, the cost will be worked out and we will only proceed with the work after your formal approval.

When you need a seamless flooring provider in and around Yeppoon, our professional team can help! At Designer-Crete, we can handle all requirements for your home or place of business.

If you are looking for a qualified and professional seamless flooring service provider Yeppoon, make sure to give Designer-Crete a call on  0410884804  or get in touch for a free online quote.

Proudly Serving Yeppoon

Yeppoon is a coastal town in Queensland’s shire of Livingstone and a 25 minute drive from Rockhampton. Located on Keppel Bay, which opens to the Coral Sea, it is 700kms north of Brisbane.

Governed by the Shire of Livingstone, the origin can be traced back to 1879. The discovery of gold in the region brought a huge influx of people to Yeppoon.

Yeppoon experiences hot summers without extreme humidity and cold winters. It boasts of several shopping centres including Yeppoon Central, Cedar Park Plaza, Keppel Bay Plaza and Yeppoon CBD.

The government-run Yeppoon State School is a primary school, while the Yeppoon State High School is the region’s secondary school. Besides these, there are also other schools including the Taranganba State School and St. Benedict’s Catholic School among others.

The Keppel Kraken waterpark on the foreshore has interactive water features and play areas for children. The area is also home to the 2,500 square metres metres, resort style Yeppoon Lagoon with spectacular views over the Keppel islands.