Polished Concrete

Designer-crete flooring provide beautiful natural polished concrete floors by using state of the art modern equipment and technology.

Polished concrete can achieve a wide variety of amazing looks with variations in the exposure level of stone:

  • Full exposure = maximum stone exposure
  • Semi exposed = partial exposure / hit and miss look
  • Non exposed = minimal to no stone exposed / industrial honed look

All our floors are finished off by polishing from 400 grit (matt finish) all the way up to 3000 grit (high gloss finish) depending on the gloss level desired.

Expert Tip: to get the absolute best custom look for your floor, we encourage you to contact us directly before pouring your concrete slab.

We will help you to select the perfect stone (or crystals) to achieve your desired flooring aesthetic. We specialise in creative custom polished floors such as hand-thrown inclusions of stone, glass and even crystals. We create unique raw and organic modern floors that beautify space.