Professional Polished Concrete Service in Biloela

A professionally polished concrete floor looks beautiful and provides a protective coating that lasts for many decades.

If you’re looking for a professional polished concrete services company in and around Biloela, we’re here to help. At Designer-Crete, we can provide you with different finishes like marble, granite and tile that you desire. We cover many areas in the region, including Biloela.

What Advantages Do Polished Concrete Surfaces Have Over Others?

Polished concrete has many advantages that make them a superior choice compared to other flooring options. Using modern technology, your concrete floor can be transformed into a smooth and stunningly beautiful floor.

Here are some of the benefits of polished concrete floors:

  • Strong and Durable – Withstands heavy foot traffic and is not prone to damage from chips and scratches
  • Long-Lasting – Property installed polished concrete surfaces can last for up to 10 years without major maintenance. In a majority of cases, it outlasts carpeting and laminates.
  • Affordable – Once the process is completed, the only maintenance that is required to keep it looking like new is regular sweeping and mopping to get rid of dirt.

Can Be Used in Dwelling With Floor Heating Systems – Polished concrete floors have excellent thermal conducting properties and are compatible with radiant floor heating systems.

Environmentally Friendly – No hazardous chemicals, cleaners or adhesives are used in the polishing process.

Moisture Resistant – When properly sealed and finished, the polished concrete floors are resistant to moisture and are abrasion resistant.

Why Choose Designer-Crete For Providing Polished Concrete Services?

We are a local company headed by Josh Richardson, who has over twenty years of flooring industry experience. Born and raised in Central Queensland, Josh is considered to be the leading expert in the flooring services industry in the region, including Biloela.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service and will leave no stone unturned to help you transform your concrete floors into a stunning surface that enhances the look of your dwelling.

Designer-Crete uses industry leading products and equipment for producing superior finishes to traditional flooring options such as carpets, tiles timber and laminates.

We are firm believers that everyone’s needs are different and take the time to understand what you are looking for.

The individual consultations we offer are obligation-free and so we can help you with a custom-designed solution that turns your vision of the floor you wanted into reality.

Polished Concrete Process

The method for polished concrete is quite similar to that of sanding wood. Coarse diamond segments are first bonded into a metallic matrix. This helps in removing small pits, minor blemishes, stains and light coatings from floors in preparation for the final smoothing.

The next step involves fine grinding of the concrete surface using diamond abrasives embedded in a plastic or resin matrix. Finer grits of polishing disks are used until the desired sheen is achieved for the floor. For very high-gloss finish, a finer grit of around 1500 or more is used.

In the actual polishing process, an internal impregnating sealer is used to protect the concrete from the inside. This densifies and hardens the concrete and also makes it unnecessary to apply a topical coating, reducing maintenance significantly.

If the floor requires an additional sheen, a polishing compound is applied on the surface in the  final polishing step. The compound also helps in cleaning any remaining surface residue from the polishing process, leaving a dirt-resistant finish.

Are You Looking For a Professional Polished Concrete Service Company Near You?

Are you looking for a polished concrete service company you can trust in Biloela? At Designer-Crete, we understand the importance clients place on a quality job completed in time and within the agreed cost.

It’s what we are committed to providing. We use quality products, turn up to your Biloela premises on time and complete the task with minimum disruption. We also keep you informed of the progress of the job, so you are always kept in the loop.

Once we scope the job, we provide you with an all-inclusive quote, so you never have to worry about cost overruns. If you require any changes to the scope of work, the cost will be worked out and we will only proceed with the work after your formal approval.

When you need polished concrete work in and around Biloela, our professional team can help! At Designer-Crete, we can handle all requirements for your home or place of business.

If you are looking for a qualified and professional polished concrete service provider in Biloela, make sure to give Designer-Crete a call on  0410884804  or get in touch for a free online quote.

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Biloela is a rural town and locality in Shire of Banana, Central Queensland, Australia. It is situated 120 kilometres inland from the port city of Gladstone at the junction of the Burnett and Dawson highways. Biloela is the administrative centre of Banana Shire, which has an area of 15,729 square kilometres. Wikipedia