Floor Preparation For Surface Treatment in Emerald

Before any flooring process such as polished concrete, seamless flooring, flake flooring or epoxy flooring, the first step involves floor preparation There is nothing worse than watching a beautiful floor begin to chip and break, just a few weeks after being laid.

At Designer-Crete, we know the importance of proper surface preparation and ensure the surface being treated is properly ground and thoroughly cleaned before it is treated.

How Poor Proper Floor Preparation Can Affect The Final Result

Poor floor preparation before treatment will not give the flawless finish and durability of a well-prepared floor.

For an epoxy or other coating to form a strong bond with a smooth concrete surface, the surface should be free from waxes, oils and other contaminants that can leave a residue behind.

The surface pores of concrete needs to be opened by grinding or acid etching. If this is not done properly, the epoxy can peel or create fisheye-like circles, which look ugly and expose the floor to vulnerabilities.

At Designer-Crete, we ensure floors are thoroughly prepared and take into consideration humidity and weather conditions before starting treatment.

Why Choose Designer-Crete For Flooring Services?

We are a local company headed by Josh Richardson, who has over twenty years of flooring industry experience. Born and raised in Central Queensland, Josh is considered to be the leading expert in the flooring services industry in the region, including Emerald.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service and will do everything we can to lay seamless flooring that enhances the look of your dwelling.

Designer-Crete use industry leading products and equipment for producing superior finishes to traditional flooring options such as carpets, tiles timber and laminates.

We are firm believers that everyone’s needs are different and take the time to understand what you are looking for.

The individual consultations we offer are obligation-free and so we can help you with a custom-designed solution that turns your vision of the floor you wanted into reality.

Floor Preparation Methods

Depending on the floor’s surface condition, the floor preparation method can vary. This is why it is important to enlist help from professionals like Designer-Crete to get the best results.

The following are floor preparation methods that need to be considered:


Concrete floor saws are used for cutting. This method is only required if the circumstances demand it. It is helpful in situations which require interesting decorative effects.

Acid Etching

This method involves diluting certain acids creating a mixture which can then be applied across the floor surface. The acid helps in eating away the surface layer, leaving behind the surface to be treated.

Acid etching needs to be done by professionals, otherwise it can lead to surfaces that have inconsistencies which leads to poor results.

Shot Blasting

In this method an abrasive such as sand is projected at high speed to remove the top layer of a surface.

Shot blasting helps to remove surface impurities which helps in cleaning as well as adding texture to the surface. This makes shot blasting one of the most efficient floor preparation methods.


Floor grinders, such as diamond grinder or polishers are used to get floors texturised quickly and easily. The grinders can be set to precisely control the grinding and pattern depth.


Scarifying is a method which makes use of steel-tipped or carbide-tipped cutters to gouge flooring surfaces. This method works best on concrete, metal or asphalt surfaces, but is not recommended for typical light floor surface preparation.

Are You Looking For a Professional Floor Preparation and Treatment Service

Are you looking for a professional floor treatment provider you can trust in Emerald? At Designer- Crete, we understand the importance clients place on a quality job completed in time and within the agreed cost.

It’s what we are committed to providing. We use quality products, turn up to your Emerald premises on time and complete the task with minimum disruption. We also keep you informed of the progress of the job, so you are always kept in the loop.

Once we scope the job, we provide you with an all-inclusive quote, so you never have to worry about cost overruns. If you require any changes to the scope of work, the cost will be worked out and we will only proceed with the work after your formal approval.

When you need a professional flooring provider in and around Emerald, our experienced team can help! At Designer-Crete, we can handle all requirements for your home or place of business.

If you are looking for a qualified and professional flooring service provider Emerald, make sure to give Designer-Crete a call on  0410884804 or email us at  or get in touch for a free online quote.

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